29 April 2011

We're okay...

I've failed to post since Christmas.  Maybe I'll get around to posting that yummy dessert recipe here soon...I'm sorry. 

I just wanted to let what I'm sure are a few blog followers left out there that we are alive and well.  My sister in law and cousin were both mere yards away from the damage in Tuscaloosa and in the comfort of our family's arms.  Pray for them, will you?  My sister in law lost a pledge sister.  Pray for us all around here.

Our home was spared and we are most gracious that it is.  Chase was out of town on Wednesday morning when Winston and I were awakened by sirens at 5:00.  We spent the morning in our basement thankful we lost nothing but a large tree.  The evening was just as scary without Chase there.  I walked next door to my dear friend and neighbor's house and hunkered down in her basement with Winston and her 3 month old baby for yet another violent storm.  We're still without power in our neighborhood, but we're happy to have a neighborhood with neighbors all with us.  Others were not as fortunate. 

Thank you so much for your prayers.  God bless y'all.

16 December 2010

I think I may have forgotten to mention something to you dears....

Last Monday, I drove home from work like it was a Friday afternoon.  Never mind the fact that there was a strange man, in a strange car, in my driveway.  I had to ransack my mailbox! (CA had failed to mention that Jeremy, the gutter guy, was coming to clean out our gutters!)  Poor guy must have thought I was crazy jumping around in the driveway celebrating as I tried to call everyone I knew. 

I passed my NCIDQ exam....all three parts.  Now I'm an official certificate holder and a bonafide interior designer.  Watch out now!

It's been a busy week, but I promise to return with a good recipe I'm trying out on my bunco group tonight.  I'll also update on my super busy weekend approaching.  With Chase flying out to Vegas for a guys weekend, I'm packing up my bags and heading to see Garth Brooks in Nashville.  Then Saturday morning, I'm heading out to spend the weekend at my happiest place to be on Earth.  Camp.

Until then my little peppermint heads...

13 December 2010

Y'all c'mon in...let me show you around!

Hello y'all!  I'm joining up with Kelly's Korner (Do y'all frequent her?  She's a breath of fresh air!) and Nesting Place's 2010 Christmas Tour of Homes.  It's so neat to be able to see homes from all over the United States without having to venture out into the cold!

Growing up, my mother decorated (and still does) over the course of about a week. I enjoy drawing out the design process, because it mimics my personal design philosophy, "Don't make it to look like you did it all in a day." In fact, I was still doing a little tweaking around the house tonight. This year I blended my traditional decor, with a little whimsical (and y'all, I'm NOT a whimsical person!) and pieces of the outdoors. After all, the best decorations are the ones you find outdoors.

The Outdoors

Nearly every home in Mountain Brook has a decorated mailbox.  I joined in on the fun this year and strung together juniper branches and magnolia.

I finally did it up right this year with the wreath.  I have always half-heartily displayed one that was the rear end of all my Christmas decor.  This fall, I found this "Joy" gem at the Tennessee Valley Fiddler's for only $17!  The rest was found at Garden Ridge (a very dangerous 3.5 miles from my house!)  Though I went out of my comfort zone and did the whimsical theme (I am very simple & fresh) it has become one of my favorite creations!

The Foyer

This year I took an old galvanized pail from our wedding decorations and filled it with fresh juniper, (that my mom and I nearly froze our tails off retrieving!) holly from our tree in our yard and magnolia leaves.

The staircase is pre-lit garland strung with my "re-purposed" tree ribbon from several years back.  I found the stockings for $2 a piece last year at World Market and the cones are from our wedding decor as well.  I filled those with fresh greenery from our yard as well.

The Living Room

Rather than putting away all my everyday treasures that adorn our mantel, I decided to leave them out and adorn them with pine garland with berries that I score at Hobby Lobby.

I grew up in a house with an artificial tree (mainly because everyone in my family was allergic to the real deal), but Chase and I always get a real Frasier Fir. Our living room has to be one of the best smelling rooms in our house!  I'm not the biggest fan of themed trees, but those that reflect nostalgia.
(Schnauzer not included in decor...he's a permanent fixture.  In this spot.  All day.  Rescue dog my tail!)
 The Kitchen

I strung together the gathered juniper branches with floral wire and created a swag above my kitchen sink.  I treated it to a few silver and white snowflakes, since that will probably be the biggest snow we see in Alabama.

Simple centerpieces of cranberry wreath and candle for the breakfast nook.
 The Dining Room

I continued this year using garland and silver berries to sit atop my china cabinet.

I added a little glitz to the garland using glittery reindeer from Garden Ridge.

Merry Christmas y'all!  Join me tomorrow for a quick season in review as I make my return to the Five Times Fast!