20 October 2010

Ozarks Honor Flight

Yes, I'm back!  Back and hopefully a fresh start on blogging.  I've missed it, but I have been so uninspired lately.  I'm still seeking purpose for the blog...because I don't think that my personal life that I do share is necessarily the most interesting thing on earth!  Let's face it, my dog is a cuties, but he doesn't do cute things like your kids do!  He is all Chase and I have though!  I've still kept up with all of your lives for all my blogging friends out there!  Now....onto something pretty nifty!

A few years ago, our family was blessed to have sent my maternal grandfather on the Tennessee Valley Honor Flight.  The honor flight is a wonderful program that sends and assists World War II veterans to Washington D.C. for a whole day to see the World War II Memorials throughout the city, including the new memorial that opened in the Summer of 2004.  It's moving to see video and pictures of those vets seeing THEIR memorial, because the sad fact is that most of these men and women are unable to travel on their own to go see it.

Yesterday, our family was blessed to send off my paternal grandfather on that same flight with my aunt as his traveling companion.  We are so proud of Papa and the service he gave to the Navy and our country. 

Be on the lookout for the man walking by the camera about 1:55 on the time frame!  He's famous!

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Rachel said...

That's great! And welcome back - I've missed you!