29 April 2011

We're okay...

I've failed to post since Christmas.  Maybe I'll get around to posting that yummy dessert recipe here soon...I'm sorry. 

I just wanted to let what I'm sure are a few blog followers left out there that we are alive and well.  My sister in law and cousin were both mere yards away from the damage in Tuscaloosa and in the comfort of our family's arms.  Pray for them, will you?  My sister in law lost a pledge sister.  Pray for us all around here.

Our home was spared and we are most gracious that it is.  Chase was out of town on Wednesday morning when Winston and I were awakened by sirens at 5:00.  We spent the morning in our basement thankful we lost nothing but a large tree.  The evening was just as scary without Chase there.  I walked next door to my dear friend and neighbor's house and hunkered down in her basement with Winston and her 3 month old baby for yet another violent storm.  We're still without power in our neighborhood, but we're happy to have a neighborhood with neighbors all with us.  Others were not as fortunate. 

Thank you so much for your prayers.  God bless y'all.

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